Welcome to Bold Faith Ministries with Leisl Stoufer!

You have just stepped into a brand new adventure!  After serving in church ministry for the past ten years, God has placed a new vision and purpose on Leisl’s heart. Leisl is starting her own ministry designed especially to bring God’s love, comfort, and hope to individuals and families suffering from mental illness.

As the parent of a teenage son, who suffers from severe mental illness, Leisl has first hand experience with the heartbreak and challenges that come with a diagnosis.  Leisl has experienced fear, worry, and devastating grief as she and her family have navigated the defective mental health system in the U.S.

In response to her fear, Leisl put her faith into action.  God showed up!  God is always faithful.

Through the challenges she has faced, God has shown Leisl His great love for her son and for everyone who suffers from mental illness.  Leisl has developed overwhelming compassion for individuals and families who are suffering, for those who live on the streets because treatment is unavailable, and for those who are now in the prison system as a result of their illness going untreated.

Leisl has a deep love for the seemingly “unlovable”.

Jesus teaches us to love even “the least of these”.  We are called to love and care for  the marginalized, the oppressed, and the sick. Mental illness is just that:  a sickness. It is a biological and physical illness. The symptoms and behaviors that come with mental illness make it difficult to love and live with the individual who is suffering.  In many instances the situation seems hopeless.

Thankfully, Jesus promises HOPE!  There is always HOPE when we put our faith and our trust in Christ.

The purpose of Bold Faith Ministries is to lead ordinary people to an extraordinary life with Jesus.  Bold Faith Ministries is committed to  providing love, comfort, and hope to all of God’s children, especially those who suffer from mental illness.  The ultimate dream will be to open a treatment center for the mentally ill.  The treatment center will be free of charge to its patients.  It will be funded completely by donations and will receive no help from the government.  This is the long range dream and you are invited to be a part of the process.  You can start by praying.  Lift Bold Faith Ministries up in your prayers and let’s see where God leads.

For now we are here to encourage you, laugh with you, cry with you, and share life’s journey with you.  Read Leisl’s blogs for a dose of hope or a good laugh.  Invite Leisl to speak at your next event.  Share in Leisl’s journey as she continues to advocate for her son and for others who are seeking treatment. We are all on the journey together and with Bold Faith Ministries, you are not alone!

Welcome to Bold Faith with Leisl Stoufer.  Let the Adventure Begin!